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Jerry Harmison


Coming from an immigrant family, in which parents come to another country to create a better life, not only for their family but for generations to come, there are high expectations of me to even set that bar higher. Growing up I knew the pressure was there, so I had to make sure I did my best to make my parents proud. Being raised in Brockton, MA came with a lot of challenges and distractions that easily tempt you into making wrong decisions. Thankfully for me, I came across something that changed my life forever and that was, formerly known as, FAM for Change.

FAM for Change was a mentoring program for the youth founded in 2008 at Bridgewater State University. The program follows a similar structure to the non-profit it is today, however, the only difference is back then, if and when students graduated high school, a full-ride scholarship was offered to Bridgewater State University, as long as the student was accepted into the institution. Through dedication and hard work, I was able to complete my four years at Brockton High School and begin my debt-free journey at Bridgewater State University.

While attending this institution, I was a mentor for FAM, in which I dedicated four years behind the scenes, too, supporting the production of the program. This program assisted with shifting my perspective on the world and taught me how to empower others through my own empowerment. Because of this, I am a firm believer that this program changes the world and creates leaders despite obstacles faced. Friends and Mentors Inc. is carrying on the legacy of a program that doesn’t simply evolve the youth, but allows them that space to go beyond that. For me, it was graduating in 2017 from Bridgewater State with the degree in Bachelor’s of Art in Communications concentrating in film and media.

Now being much older and reflecting back on time, I am grateful that I was able to experience that kind of opportunity where I was taken under the wing and transformed into the woman I am today. Something every child should be able to witness and experience for themselves.

In the end, I was always taught that you should always give much more than you receive. This mindset is exactly what I have always done and will continue to do with, now, Friends and Mentors Inc. As their ambassador, my mission is to represent this unique program and be a platform to invite others to come and be a part of something that truly changed my life and, where, years later, I am back as a real-life testimony of the success FAM strives for. Success within ourselves, our family’s, our peers, our communities, and the rest of the world!

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