Our Team


Will Medero

Program Coordinator

“A chain is only as strong as the weakest link”. I believe that despite a team having several star performers it means nothing if some people fall behind. Throughout my professional career and experiences I have focused on young people, facing adversity who are typically left behind by building confidence and leadership.

Through a deep seated belief that love can empower the youth to change the world, FAM has created unique and diverse programming that inspires young leaders. I have witnessed this firsthand since joining as a mentor in 2010. FAM has shown me what beautiful brilliance can be achieved when a combination of mentors and mentees join together to combat issues that target our community and ultimately the world.

These ideals have led me into working with various programs and organizations with local and state representatives, educators, young leaders, business owners, program directors, and law enforcement officials in different capacities to tackle issues in our communities.

Aside from being a mentor/ facilitator I am an accomplished film director. My passions have led me to co-directing numerous documentaries highlighting key issues in the inner cities such drug abuse, fatherless homes, police violence against minorities, and sports in the inner city. Through multiple cinematic premieres, youth based workshops, training seminars, film festivals, and public speaking events my films have allowed me to travel around the United States and raise awareness on the experiences of young people.

I am a public speaker and a multiple award winning filmmaker/director/producer. My work in documenting the injustices that happen in our under-privelged communities led me to win a Regional Emmy Award, and features in key publications such as Vibe magazine and Nation Public Radio. I specialize in telling stories and excel in developing youth. I am also a barber, entrepreneur, animal lover, and avid basketball fan. My belief that we as the older generation can empower the next generation in becoming better than us, has led me here as FAM’s Program Coordinator

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